Emma Flowers

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” 
― Ralph Waldo Emerson

What is left of Stargirl:


Stargirl disappeared after the ocotillo ball. That was a year ago. Ever since she left things went back to normal. Except that there was still a little bit of her left in our school. She was and will always be our nameless celebrity (oxymoron). There is no such thing as being popular. Everyone is equal and everyone is treated the same. Everybody still talk about her and especially how she never came back. Some people think she was a spy but I think she was here to test us, to test us on individuality and conformity. We all learnt something since she left, that it doesn’t matter if you’re different. Girls from the year below us who didn’t even know Stargirl bake cookies and give them to students in the cafeteria. On specials occasions, we always find lollipops or sweets on our desk before class. MAHS has continued Stargirl’s act of kindness. I always try to enjoy whatever I’m doing even if it’s boring and I always try to do something good everyday. There are remains of Stargirl left in everybody, including me. Stargirl was as nice and helpful as Snow-White (allusion). We will never forget her and for the rest of our lives, we will always wonder where she is now. Our life is a river, flowing ahead of us (extended metaphor), already created by Stargirl. She changed us forever. This will be my last post in my Stargirl blog; I hope that you have liked it, goodbye!

The Ocotillo Ball

Yesterday was the Ocotillo ball. I swear, I thought that Stargirl would not show up but of course she did, she’s Stargirl, the oddest girl I’ve ever met. I wore a tight pink dress with neon green shoes, and I straitened my hair because mine is really frizzy and blonde. Anyways, I arrived at the Mica Country Club at around eight at night with Olivia; I don’t think I mentioned her… Well she’s my best friend! As soon as we arrived, people started coming in. Hillari came as well, boy was I surprised. A couple of minutes later, which seemed like hours, Stargirl arrived. I was speechless. I noticed that she arrived with Dora and not with Leo. Anyhow, she arrived in a bicycle side car. Her dress was picturesque; she was stunning, beautiful, unusual and implausible. Even the flowers planted around the country club were turning their petals just to get a better look at her (hyperbole), she was gorgeous. Everybody went to the party which was in the tennis courts. The DJ at the party put some good songs, Stargirl was dancing alone with her arms stretched out and her head tilted back. I can tell you that, that girl is not timid. After half an hour of dancing, a really brave boy came up to Stargirl. He asked her to dance, by the time he reached Stargirl, everyone had stopped dancing and everyone was watching. To be honest, I didn’t think anyone would start talking to Stargirl but I could see them happily making a conversation. After a while everybody wanted to talk to her and you could see a big crowd around her. Somebody went to ask the DJ to put the bunny hop song, everybody started dancing behind her and I joined in. It was amazing and so exciting. Some of them even went into the desert but I stayed, from where I was standing I could see Hillari yelling at the DJ to change the song, it was very hilarious to watch. I was really tired so I decided to go home but just as I was about to head out, Stargirl and the others came back. Hillari, who was extremely furious, ran to her, slapped her in the face and instead Stargirl kissed her back on the cheek and she left. That was really not cool of Hillari to do that. I seriously think that Stargirl will not show up tomorrow.  Life is literally a roller coaster (symbolism)! 

Why Susan was not accepted at MAHS

Stargirl disappeared: (colon) I think it’s because people weren’t accepting her. I like Stargirl and her personality. I didn’t want her to change but I don’t think she had the choice because people were putting a lot of pressure on her. Not just her classmates but even her closest friend, Leo. They don’t like her individuality and her eccentricity.

Nevertheless, she changed her name and her style and her personality and everything else. If she hadn’t kept her last name, I wouldn’t have been able to tell the difference. Stargirl turned into Susan, a normal teenager, exactly like everybody else, with a habitual bag and no groovy instruments. She wore tight, skinny and multicolored jeans, with ordinary teenage charming and upbeat tops (imagery). She did everything to fit in, she even stopped bringing Cinnamon but even then, people just didn’t care. They still didn’t talk to her, I’m not saying I did that; I still talked to her when she walked passed me in the hall.

I believe that Stargirl wasn’t accepted because of so many reasons. First of all, did I tell you about the football game? Well, this is what happened, as you know, Stargirl cheers for the other team and people started to get annoyed because she’s supposed to cheer for our team, not other schools. Also, during a basketball match against the Sun Valley’s, the guy on the opposite team broke his ankle, everybody was secretly happy on our team because after that we started winning. Stargirl, instead of waiting, rushed to his side when he was not in our team. Students from MAHS got angry because you just can’t do that, right? On top of that, she got to go on the hot seat and boy did that turn bad. They didn’t even air it and they deleted the copy. Hillary Kimble was there and her and some other students started yelling at her for what she had done. They said that she wanted to make them feel bad because they weren’t as nice as her. Apparently, they were yelling at her for ages, poor Stargirl. I hope people start speaking to her and treat her nicely. I really think this is why Susan Caraway was not accepted, people can’t forget her past.

How Stargirl’s presence at MAHS changed me


I always thought being part of a group was being normal and right. But I was wrong; Stargirl changed me in so many and so little ways. I don’t care what people think now, I used to be shy and wear the clothes that other normal people wore, now I feel better and I can express myself without feeling that gut feeling (idiom), where I feel that I’m doing something wrong or that maybe people will start judging me. I don’t feel that anymore and the only person I can thank is Stargirl. She just doesn’t care, when she cheers, she cheers for the other team as well, isn’t that incredible? She’s amazing at public speaking and she has a rat as a pet. I used to be scared to speak up in class, I hated giving speeches but now, I discovered my true inner self and I have enough courage to speak up without feeling down. I think of myself as an individual, not a conformist. I joined the theater club and I realized that it was my dream to start acting but I didn’t have the courage I have now.

If you had been a new comer to our school, you would have thought that everybody looked the same, you could not tell the difference but since Stargirl has arrived, she has changed us and everybody shows their true personality. I used to wear jeans and a simple shirt, because I didn’t want to stand out, now I like shirts with colors that jump at you (personification) and skirts that make you look elegant but pure and ludicrous at the same time (imagery). I don’t mind buying things that come from cheap stores because Stargirl showed us, me, that it didn’t matter, who cares if what you’re wearing isn’t expensive? This is how she changed me and everybody else that goes to MAHS.

My First Impressions on Stargirl

This new girl arrived today, her name is Stargirl and in my opinion, she’s different as you can see in her name, Stargirl? Really? She had a long flowing yellow dress and a bag with sunflowers, I really didn’t know girls my age liked those kinds of things. The weirdest part was during the lunch hour, she had a ukulele but even worse she started playing it and singing Happy Birthday to a student at MAHS–she didn’t even know him (dash)! I mean, how weird can it get? (Unanswered question)

I don’t know how to describe her really but you could say that she is like a blue rose in a field of sunflowers (simile). I always thought that people were always part of a group but she’s a total individual. She’s peculiar and really odd for a 10th grader. I think that maybe in the inside, she’s a really nice girl and if I had the opportunity, I would go meet with her. This is the first time that something actually exciting has happened at Mica High and I don’t want to loose my chance.

Anyways, she has been home schooled all her life and someone ought to have the courage to help her out a little ‘cause in my opinion she struggling.

At MAHS, being a conformist is important if you want people to accept you and Stargirl is way too unusual. If she was my friend, and I knew her better, I would talk her into being a little more normal and acting like an everyday teenager. She does things like if she didn’t care what people thought about her, she is literally a fish out of water (metaphor).